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Listening to your body…How cravings or increased appetite after exercise are big clues about your metabolism

January 17, 2015 by DR. MYLAINE RIOBE
Riobe Institute of Integrative Medicine Listening to your body…How cravings or increased appetite after exercise are big clues about your metabolism

I have many clients who tell me that their appetite increases when they exercise and they don’t get the benefit of the activity because they overeat. Some even gain weight despite exercising!

On the surface, the reason for this may seem mysterious, but really it’s not that complicated.  Too many of us are walking around unable to burn calories we consume because our metabolism is too low.  So the body’s set point for burning calories is low already and then we stress the body with more activity when it can’t burn the calories to handle it.

This is especially true with cardio.  The body has to mobilize energy to endure the activity and guess what?  It doesn’t have it!

So when the body doesn’t have enough energy for something…it asks for it!! And these are your cravings.

Most people believe that forcing the body to “burn” calories will eventually get them to lose weight.  And that’s true on the surface, but what they don’t realize is that they’re setting themselves up for more weight gain!  When the body scrambles for “energy” it gets it wherever it can…even if it has to break down muscle to get it.  It’s good to remember that it’s easier for your body to break down your muscle than it is for your body to break down your fat for energy.  Your body has to pay only 4 calories to use your muscle for energy, but it has to use up 9 calories to get to your fat.

So your body’s first choice when it runs out of energy is to break down your muscles!!  And it turns on those cravings to get it back!  Have you ever noticed it’s almost impossible to ignore a craving?  It’s your body’s survival mechanism so it won’t let up until you give it what it wants.

So what’s the solution?   Before getting into the solution, let’s go over what’s not the solution:  Quick energy drinks or diet pills-these just get you running on adrenaline and make you pay later. It’s like borrowing money at 50% interest! Guess what your body does in response to you “borrowing too much energy”?   You guessed it-the body lowers your metabolism long term.  And around and around you go on the yo yo diet mill.  Now you have to eat even fewer calories to maintain your weight or do more cardio, and around and around it goes with no solution in sight.

The true solution is finding out why your metabolism is low and fixing it from the root cause so you are permanently freed from the yo yo diet mill!

RAISE YOUR METABOLISM with proven, natural strategies.  Human metabolism is complicated but boils down to two core systems-your adrenals and your thyroid.   These are the roots of your metabolism.  The other systems in your body are critical as well, but if your adrenals and thyroid aren’t in good shape, all the other systems are in trouble and won’t work optimally.

Stay tuned in future blogs where I’ll share tips on getting these systems in tip top shape. If you’re ready to experience life long fitness and get off the yo yo diet mill for good, get a Comprehensive Integrative Medical Evaluation today!


Dr Riobe


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  • “I was always interested in natural health…hate medications, prescriptions. I came in originally because my hormones were out of whack! I was grouchy, hated the world.I knew something was wrong. My hormones are better now.  My husband even thanked Dr Riobe for helping me.” Any recommendations to improve our concierge program?  “No. It’s perfect!”

    Renee C, concierge member
    Jensen Beach, Florida 2019
    RIIM Client for over 5 years,
  • "I have direct access to Marlene and Dr.Riobe. It helps to keep me on track plus if I have a question about a supplement I don’t have to wait 6 months to get an appt to ask if it’s okay for me – with other doctors you have to wait but with this program I can stay right on top of my health and get the answers I need! Our health is something that we have to stay on top of everyday so it’s important to get answers.  It’s quick fast immediate attention to my health concerns – love it!" Any recommendations to improve our concierge program? “Just duplicate Dr.Riobe in other states to help other people in need – Dr.Riobe is excellent!”

    Debbie S, concierge member
    Palm City, Florida
    RIIM Client for over 8 years,
  • "I’ve been a patient for over 7 years! She is fantastic. I am a Retired RN and very holistic/organic. I was looking for integrative doctor to help me and was happy she was in Stuart. Now I have to drive to Jupiter, but oh well, it’s worth it!” “I have seen a big improvement in my health. I love having the direct access to Dr. Riobe!” Any recommendations to improve our concierge program? “No. I think it’s great!”

    Marilyn M, concierge member
    Palm City, Florida
    RIIM Client for over 7 years,
  • "My mother in law in really big into nutrition and health so she also recommended that I reach out to an integrative doctor plus I've always been a huge fan of natural health/holistic medicine.  I had tingling in my feet, legs and hands.  After going to multiple doctors, they couldn’t tell me why I was having this pain and I’ve always been active, so it didn’t make sense.  I’m glad Barbara referred me to Dr. Riobe because she ran tests and found out I was deficient in vitamins and had poor absorption.” “Treatment is definitely helping and I’m feeling better!”

    Deanne L, concierge member
    Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
    RIIM Client for less than 1 year,
  • “My daughter recommended Dr. Riobe...because traditional medicine wasn't working for my chronic migraine headaches.  I was getting 15-20 per month.  It was ruining my life.  I couldn't get out of bed. I couldn't play with my grandson.  I was getting seizures.  Dr. Riobe gave me my life back! I can play with my precious grandson and go to dinner with my husband again.  I lost 30 pounds.  I'm so excited that I get to live my life again thanks to Dr. Riobe.”

    Barb B, concierge member
    Stuart, Florida
    RIIM Client for 1 year,