Preventing Disease and Maximizing Health with Functional Medicine

June 22, 2017 by DR. MYLAINE RIOBE

Western medicine tends to be a little less personal than Functional Medicine, addressing symptoms and diseases and focused on alleviating and treating these things as separate entities. Functional Medicine, on the other hand, focuses the patient as a whole. It is patient-centered rather than ailment-centered. Practitioners spend more time with their patients, learning about their lifestyle and personal history and delving into genetic and environmental factors. Functional Medicine also differs from Western in that it is directed toward the underlying causes of disease – in essence, preventing a spark from becoming a flame as opposed to stepping in with a fire hose after the fire has already started.

The value of this approach is underscored by the fact that more and more research points to chronic inflammation as the common factor in a number of serious diseases and conditions. In an article discussing the Unifying Theory of the cause of disease, the Harvard Health Letter notes, “All of us adults have some level of chronic inflammation slowly waging a war of attrition on tissues and organs, its activity often evidenced only in blood tests. But if it’s turned up a notch or two, chronic inflammation can wear away at the body so that the damage is devastating.” It also states that mounting evidence suggests inflammation is “a common underlying cause of major degenerative diseases.” Functional Medicine’s focus on all components factoring into a patient’s health, including lifestyle, diet, and environment, proactively addresses the issue of inflammation, drastically reducing the factors that contribute to it.

Dr. Mylaine Riobe’s personal journey to providing integrative, Functional Medicine, rather than just the traditional Western medicine she was trained in, actually began when she was a young child learning holistic healing methods from her grandmother. The appeal of a holistic approach stayed with her all the way through medical school and the first four years of her OB-GYN practice following her graduation and board certification. Dr. Riobe became increasingly frustrated with the one-size-fits-all concept of conventional medical practices. She turned to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Functional Medicine, integrating them with her Western education and experience.

Dr. Riobe incorporates these disciplines into her practice to provide an integrative, customized approach combining leading-edge modern medical testing and technology with time-tested energy-based methods of TCM, and the patient-directed, proactive approach of Functional Medicine. Providing personalized, bespoke healthcare to patients is her passion, and the Riobe Institute of Integrative Medicine is where it all happens!

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  • “When I came to Dr. Riobe, I was experiencing severe hot flashes which interfered with my sleeping.  I felt lethargic and was overweight.  Through her patience and medical tests, we have found the problems and solutions.  Throughout the year, we have leveled my hormones, treated the thyroid; my fatigue and hot flashes are no longer an issue.  My constant battle with weight loss is finally showing success!  Dr. Riobe’s supplements are making my life so much more enjoyable!”

    Linda Gibson, Florida,
  • “Before I went to Dr Riobe, I felt an incredible amount of stress, was unable to sleep at night, often waking at 3:00 am and not being able to return to sleep.  I am now able to sleep through the night, waking up refreshed with energy and ready to face my problems, tasks, workload, etc.   My libido has returned and I do not have hot flashes or panic attacks.  Before seeing Dr. Riobe, I was extremely tired, irritable and my self image did suffer.  I now have energy, feel more pleasant and to not feel overwhelmed with life’s problems.”

    Mary S. Casteel, Florida,
  • “The quality of my life has improved due to overall improvement in my energy level.  Higher energy levels remove irritability from ruining your interaction with others… especially my husband.  He’s really glad I found Dr. Riobe.  I used to wake up as tired as I was when I went to sleep.  Now I awake refreshed and able to go through my day with no fatigue which also allows for a better night’s rest since I don’t need coffee to get me through the day.”

    Christina Mitchell, Florida,
  • “Besides the increased energy, libido, weight loss, I am sleeping better and have improved skin health.  Dr. Riobe’s suggestions and treatment have allowed me to live a happier life spiritually and physically.  Since taking the Bio-identical treatment, the night sweats have stopped.  I rest 7-8 hours per night, compared to my previous 4-5 hours.  Once I started the supplements Dr. Riobe recommended, the cortisol levels have reduced and weight loss started immediately.  Losing a few pounds gave me a personal boost which caused the chain reaction to want to continue.”

    Linnea Beard, Florida,
  • “I feel so much better. I have energy and relief from the constant ache in my body. My Mood has drastically improved and I’m sleeping again.”

    Bianca DiJoy, Florida,
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