What Can Acupuncture Do for You?

March 6, 2017 by DR. MYLAINE RIOBE

What Can Acupuncture Do for You?
Harnessing the power of an ancient method for the modern patient

Practiced for over 2,500 years, acupuncture is an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine and involves inserting needles at strategic points along the patient’s body, depending on what condition is being treated. The traditional concept is based on the idea of unblocking the body’s energy (“qi”) along its natural pathways, or meridians, thus re-balancing the patient’s energy and providing pain relief and optimal health. Western practitioners view acupuncture as an effective method used to increase blood flow and stimulate the body’s natural analgesic functions by energizing muscles, nerves, and connective tissue.

A common concern for people considering acupuncture is whether or not it hurts. The needles used are extremely thin (only about the diameter of a human hair) and most patients say the sensation of being pricked is minor; it’s been described as a tingling sensation and a dull ache. Many patients report hardly feeling the needles at all!

Many migraine patients report relief from migraine pain with acupuncture. Numerous studies back up its efficacy – great news for migraine sufferers. Even better, the treatment provides not only short-term pain relief, but can also can have lasting effects, reducing both the frequency and intensity of migraines.

But the benefits of acupuncture go well beyond pain relief and include increasing immune function and helping to reduce swelling and boost healing by releasing anti-inflammatories in the body. It is being used more and more frequently in conjunction with standard addiction treatments. For example, many smokers struggling to quit the habit find that acupuncture provides numerous benefits, helping to:

  • Reduce cravings
  • Decrease anxiety
  • Alleviate withdrawal symptoms
  • Regulate emotions
  • Support better sleep

Acupuncture is also helpful in treating children’s health issues. Not only is it safe for kids, but it also provides relief without the negative side-effects of medication, and an acupuncturist can reduce the number of office visits by treating a child for multiple conditions in a single treatment. Dr. Riobe can attest to the benefits for kids not only as a practitioner, but also as a mom. Her daughter had acupuncture at the age of two to avoid having her tonsils taken out and to treat frequent colds and insomnia.

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  • “When I came to Dr. Riobe, I was experiencing severe hot flashes which interfered with my sleeping.  I felt lethargic and was overweight.  Through her patience and medical tests, we have found the problems and solutions.  Throughout the year, we have leveled my hormones, treated the thyroid; my fatigue and hot flashes are no longer an issue.  My constant battle with weight loss is finally showing success!  Dr. Riobe’s supplements are making my life so much more enjoyable!”

    Linda Gibson, Florida,
  • “Before I went to Dr Riobe, I felt an incredible amount of stress, was unable to sleep at night, often waking at 3:00 am and not being able to return to sleep.  I am now able to sleep through the night, waking up refreshed with energy and ready to face my problems, tasks, workload, etc.   My libido has returned and I do not have hot flashes or panic attacks.  Before seeing Dr. Riobe, I was extremely tired, irritable and my self image did suffer.  I now have energy, feel more pleasant and to not feel overwhelmed with life’s problems.”

    Mary S. Casteel, Florida,
  • “The quality of my life has improved due to overall improvement in my energy level.  Higher energy levels remove irritability from ruining your interaction with others… especially my husband.  He’s really glad I found Dr. Riobe.  I used to wake up as tired as I was when I went to sleep.  Now I awake refreshed and able to go through my day with no fatigue which also allows for a better night’s rest since I don’t need coffee to get me through the day.”

    Christina Mitchell, Florida,
  • “Besides the increased energy, libido, weight loss, I am sleeping better and have improved skin health.  Dr. Riobe’s suggestions and treatment have allowed me to live a happier life spiritually and physically.  Since taking the Bio-identical treatment, the night sweats have stopped.  I rest 7-8 hours per night, compared to my previous 4-5 hours.  Once I started the supplements Dr. Riobe recommended, the cortisol levels have reduced and weight loss started immediately.  Losing a few pounds gave me a personal boost which caused the chain reaction to want to continue.”

    Linnea Beard, Florida,
  • “I feel so much better. I have energy and relief from the constant ache in my body. My Mood has drastically improved and I’m sleeping again.”

    Bianca DiJoy, Florida,
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